Covid 19 procedures, First Year Parents/Student Letter, Students Return to school schedule

Covid 19 procedures, First Year Parents/Student Letter, Students Return to school schedule


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are all keeping safe and well during what continues to be unsure and changing times. With the recent lockdown in Kildare and Laois, we have had to update and re-arrange our guidelines and procedures. There may be more changes necessary after we begin to open our doors on August 28th.

A number of necessary changes have been made to the running of the school day. Therefore I would ask that you read these carefully. It is important that you speak to your son/daughter about the necessity to comply with the measures which have been put in place to keep all members of our school community and their families safe.

Below you will find information on Covid 19 procedures for all students, a letter to first year parents and students, and the schedule for the return to school.

Up to date contact information:

● Please ensure that the school has an up to date phone number for you as we must be able to contact you by phone at all times.

Suspected Covid 19 Symptoms:

● You should not send your child into school if they are showing any signs of illness.

● During the day, any student showing signs of illness must be collected immediately.

● Students will not be permitted to walk home.

● It is necessary that all parents/guardians have a plan in place for collecting children in this instance. On your arrival, phone the school and your child will be sent out to you.

Visiting the school:

● Only those with an appointment may visit the school and this will be strictly adhered to.

● Parents must ring or email the school in advance if they wish to make an appointment. Parents attending an appointment must follow Covid 19 protocols.

● Following advice, parents will no longer be able to bring in forgotten materials for students. If any student has forgotten lunch or has any other difficulty they should inform the relevant teacher, year head or Deputy Principal who will assist them.

Foreign Travel:

● If you or any member of your family have been abroad or intend to go abroad in the near future please inform the school immediately. This will most likely result in the student being required by law to quarantine.

Covid information:

● This page will be updated on a regular basis with any relevant information.

● All Communications this year will be through the app, Ardscoil,iclass cms and the website. To remain up to date and fully informed you must download the Ardscoil na Tríonóide App and details of how to so this is on our website under “about us.”


Student/Parent Guidelines and Protocols during Covid 19 pandemic:

The following measures will be implemented for everyone’s health and safety and any student who cannot adhere fully to these will be asked to remain at home and study.

Please ensure you comply with the protective measures against COVID 19 at all times, while in the classrooms, social areas, toilets, lockers and around the school.

1. Hand sanitising - Hand sanitisers are placed in all areas around the school, including classrooms. Students are advised to carry hand sanitisers with you.

2. Coughing and sneezing etiquette must be maintained. Masks or visors must be worn at all times. If using a visor please carry tissues with you and bin once used.

3. Maintain physical distance - at least one metre in classroom situations at all times. ( shoulder to shoulder)

Suspected COVID 19 Symptoms:

● If you are feeling unwell, or have any suspected symptoms of Covid 19 please do not come to school. Lessons will be available on Google Classroom.

Face coverings:

● Students must wear a face covering at all times while in the building.

● Each student will be given a visor which must be worn in school and should be left in the locker or on their desk each evening. These visors must be sanitised regularly. If misplaced a new one must be purchased before returning to school. (cost €4 from school)

● If students wish to wear a face mask they must provide their own. Any face masks worn must be stored in a zip lock bag when not in use (reusable coverings) or replaced (disposable coverings). Cloth face masks should be washed every day.

● Any student refusing to wear a face covering will be asked to remain at home and study.

● If a student has a certified medical condition which may result in them being unable to wear a face covering please contact Mr McCormack prior to the school re-opening of school.

Hand sanitisers:

● There are sanitisers in every classroom.

● There are hand sanitisers around the school and students are expected to use these frequently.

● Students are encouraged to carry their own hand sanitiser with them.

Social Distancing:

● All students must keep to a minimum of 1 metre distance at all times.

● No physical contact is allowed e.g. hugging, fist bumps, elbow bumps, etc.

● Any student breaching this protocol may be sent home immediately.

Water Bottles:

● Students must have their own water and reusable bottles for use in school.

School Hours:

● Classes begin at 8.55 am sharp.

● School finished at 3.45 pm.

● Lunch break will now be 45 minutes in length.

Small Break:

● 1st , T.Y and 6th year students will have their break at 10.50 am - 11.05 am.

● 2nd, 3rd and 5th year students will have their break from 11.30 am - 11.45 am.

● To ensure social distancing and for safety each year the group will have time to order for the canteen, go to lockers, toilets, etc.

Lunch Break:

There will be three staggered lunch breaks.

● 12.25 pm - 1.05 pm: 1st & 6th year students will have their lunch break.

● 12.45 pm - 1.25 pm 2nd & 5th year students will have their lunch break.

● 1.05 pm - 1.45 pm: T.Y & 3rd year students will have their lunch break.

Base classrooms:

● All classes will have a base classroom. This will reduce movement around the school. Students will move for their option subjects only.

● Students will have assigned seats in every classroom and may only sit in their designated seat.

Google Classroom:

● When the number of students in the class exceeds the number that can be socially distanced within the room some students will engage in the lesson through Google Classroom. These students will be supervised in an area where they can be socially distanced.Teachers will rotate the students who link in through Google Classroom on a daily/weekly basis. Every student is expected to bring a pair of earphones with them to facilitate this.

Classroom Equipment:

● Every student is expected to bring a pair of​ earphones ​ with them to school every day from now on.

● Ensure you have all your own materials and books required for all classes as sharing of class materials will not be permissible.


● At the end of each class, students will sanitise their own desk. Chairs should be sanitsied if moving to another classroom.

● In practical classes any school equipment used must also be sanitised by the student. Sanitiser and wipes will be provided.

Exiting Classrooms:

● When exiting the classrooms ensure social distancing is adhered to.

● Students should walk on the left and maintain social distancing.


● On days when students are participating in their PE class, they may wear a tracksuit and runners to school.


● Strict adherence to the full school uniform as normal is expected, with the exception of PE day.

● The fleece which is optional for students, may be ordered and paid for when students return to school. Alternatively, the fleece may be ordered online through the school website.


● A maximum of four students will be permitted in the bathrooms at any one time.

● Students are expected to act responsibly and wait outside the bathroom door if necessary. ● Loitering in toilets will not be tolerated.


● We have moved lockers to facilitate social distancing. However, students should only use lockers at designated times and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

● Monitoring of lockers at all times presents a huge challenge and is not possible. For this reason students are expected to act responsibly and in an orderly manner.

● The use of lockers is optional this year as we understand that there may be concerns regarding the safe use of them.

● Lockers must be locked at all times. Lockers or locker keys should not be shared with anyone.

● Students who act irresponsibly, putting others in danger will be asked to remain at home and study.


● The canteen will operate on a limited basis this year.

● Food and snacks will be available to students before school, at break time and at lunch time.

● There will be no hot dinners served this year but there will be hot rolls, snacks and wraps.

● Students will be provided with a menu and full details on their return to school.

● Each year group will be allocated a time and location where they can order and collect their food from. This will be explained fully.

Exit/Entering the school building:

● Year groups will have different entry and exit points to the school. These points will be clearly signposted on the avenue and must be adhered to.

● Parents must no longer drive up the avenue. Students must be dropped off at the first roundabout only.


● Payment for the school journal (compulsory) ,lockers and school insurance of 60 euros should be put in an envelope with the student’s name, year group and the amount written on the outside.

● There is a contactless payment option also. Parents may pay by card over the phone or students may pay by card when in school.


Dear First Year Student, Parents and Guardians,

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the start of this school year to Ardscoil na Tríonóide. Life will be different for all of us, but we will continue to do many things as we have always done them. Invariably, student care is our priority and with your co-operation we can ensure the safety of all our students.

Respect is the cornerstone of how we operate at Ardscoil. In this time of the Covid 19 pandemic, respecting the new measures put in place will ensure we can keep ourselves and each other safe.

We will spend time helping first year students to settle in and become familiar with the school, classrooms and timetables. Senior students from our Cairdeas group will be on hand to help them to settle in. ​Ms Roche (Year Head)​ will be present and available to support students each day and every first year class group will have their own tutor whom they will meet every week.

Class Group Tutor
Áine 1 Mr Troute
Brigid 1 Ms Whelehan
Catherine 1 Ms O Kelly
Dominic 1 Ms Maguire
Edmond 1 Ms Cooper
Francis 1 Ms Caffrey

We encourage students to ask questions and to look for help. We understand that it will take time to settle in, especially with the extra care and protections that are now in place until this pandemic has passed.

First year students will get help from their teachers and tutors to become familiar with Google Classroom which will be used extensively to support teaching and learning.

For your information, we have outlined all the new measures and protocols now in place in a protocols circular on our website. Please ensure you read it carefully. It is important to emphasise that any visits to the school must be by appointment only. You can ring if you have any “settling in” issues or queries and we will help you out. As you can appreciate, circumstances and needs can change and we may have to adjust our protocols as the year progresses.

From now on, all general information contact with parents will be directly through the school app: Ardscoil IClassCMS which you need to download onto your phone and register on. You will receive all notifications, texts and up to date information through this medium ​only ​ . We also have a dedicated Covid 19 page on our school website:​​ which will contain all up to date information and details.

We look forward to working with you and hope your years in Ardscoil na Tríonóide are happy, fruitful and a time that will be treasured.

Re- Opening Schedule for 2020

Thursday August 27th Teacher Induction for Covid 19 protocols. Staff only 8.55 am - 3.45 pm
Friday, August 28 6th years will go to Base Rooms in Area 7 (incl. LCA 6) ONLY 8.55 am – 10.55 am
Monday, August 31 5th years and TY will go to Base Rooms (incl. LCA 5) ONLY 8.55 am – 10.55 am
Tuesday, September 1 3rd years will go to Base Rooms in 3rd year Social Area ONLY 8.55 am – 10.55 am
Wednesday, September 2 2nd years will go to Base Rooms in 2 rd year Social Area ONLY 8.55 am – 10.55 am
Thursday, September 3 1st year Induction in base rooms in 1st year Social Area ONLY 8.55 am – 12.25 pm
Friday, September 4 1st year students as per timetable ONLY 8.55 am – 12.25 pm
Monday, September 7 1st year and 6th Year students as per full class timetable ONLY 8.55 am – 3.45 pm
Tuesday , September 8 1st, 3rd and 6th year students as per full class timetable. ONLY 8.55 am – 3.45 pm
Wednesday , September 9
All classes as per full timetable.
8.55 am – 3.45 pm.

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